Laboubian is a Half-orc character leading a tribe of orcish warriors northeast of the arcane college. Laboubian was himself an artist in Jornys and a mage at the college, but he was accused of murder and banished from Kohvae.

After leaving Jornys, Laboubian met an orc clan and found his orcish side to be quite exciting. He awed the orcs with his magic and eventually became their fierce leader. The clan became more organized as he united more orc tribes scattered around the area. In an attempt to weaken their ranks, Headmaster Aessan sent out battlemages and killed off several orc tribes. Now, Laboubian has gathered an army of orcs, and plans to kill the Headmaster in his own territory; he will attack the college itself.

Before he could initiate his attack, however, a group of heroes appeared out of thin air (literally) and ended up killing Laboubian. What will the orc army do now?



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